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Oil Business

Oil Business

Our Company operate the following oil business: 
1、Crude Oil (various kinds of imported Crude Oil).
2、Import Fuel Oil (South America 380CST , Middle East straight run oil, Europe straight run oil, M100 of Russia, Low sulphur fuel oil from Taiwan and Japan ).
3、Domestic Fuel Oil (Atmospheric Residue, Vacuum Residue, Wax Oil ETC.).
4、Refined Oil Product (Gasoline, Diesel, Mix Aromatics, Biodiesel, LPG、NGL、MTBE ETC) related business.
We have established a trade bridge and platform between local refineries and traders in Shandong with more than 50 cooperative clients. 

Heavy Distillate:Tel: +86-532-66563158      Fax: +86-532-85713888


 Light & Medium Distillate:Tel: +86-532-66563159      Fax: +86-532-85713888


Natural Gas:Tel: +86-532-85726699      Fax: +86-532-85713888


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